Build 20180920223835 (September 20, 2018)

New Features

  • Now With Wildcards: Use wildcards on Client Run filters. ? stands in for a single character and * stands in for more than one. Think Che? vs. Ch*. Hit enter to see the results of your wildcard foo.


  • Matching Checkboxes in the data collection box for a smoother experience.
  • Let’s Get Cookin’: We’re keeping your cookbook role information in Elasticsearch…and we’re working on showing it in the user interface.

Bug Fixes

  • Improved Automate Migration, Part One: We added better protection from potential panics in the event Elasticsearch crashes while migrating to the new Automate.
  • Improved Automate Migration, Part Deux: We added better protection from potential panics in the event unexpected data is found while migrating to the new Automate.
  • Overly Warm Welcomes: The Welcome window was overzealous–appearing even after you told it to go away–if you didn’t opt-in to data collection. We had a long talk and it understands that was inappropriate behavior. It won’t happen again.
  • Cleared the Filters: Automate won’t filter by more than one job id when you navigate to a job’s report summary.
  • Updated the Client Runs Search Bar: Your browser won’t freeze when the search bar looks for suggestions. We also fixed a bunch of other stuff to improve it for Edge, Firefox and Safari.
  • Clear Roles: Node Details’ Run List section shows the roles correctly, and you can expand a role to see its cookbooks.