Chef Automate supports three different types of users: local users, LDAP users, and SAML users. Manage local users, local teams, and API tokens from the Admin tab.

Manage Local Users

Select Local Users from the left side of the window to open the User Management screen.

To add a local user, click on Create User , which opens a helper window for entering the user’s full name, a unique username, password and confirm password. Once you’ve filled in the information, select Save and Close at the bottom of the helper window. Using an email address for the username automatically retrieves the user’s gravatar. Otherwise, the user’s avatar appears as a generic image.

Add Local User

To change or delete a user account, select their name from the User Management screen:

Modify Local User

To create and manage local users via the command line, see Users and Teams.


As an administrative user, you can create a team in the UI from the Admin tab. Select Local Teams in the sidebar then use the Add Local Team button:

Add Local Team

First, enter a unique name and description for the team. Save your new team:

Create Team

Upon creating the team, you’ll be taken to the new team’s details page:

Team Details

Add users to the new team:

Add Users

To create and manage local teams via the command line, see Users and Teams.

Manage API Tokens

The admin-token and Global API Access

If you’ve created an Admin token using the api, you will see it in the API token list.

Creating a Standard API Token

Create tokens with lower access levels or for Chef Client and Inspec data reporting using the user interface or the API. By default, these tokens only have access to data collection API endpoints, so if you want to use them outside the context of Chef Clients and InSpec Agents, you’ll need to create a policy for your token.

From the Admin tab, click on API Tokens in the left side-bar to add or modify local user tokens. You must log in as an Administrator to perform this action. For more information, see default policies.

You can give the token a description. It will show up in the table; click copy to copy the token to your clipboard.

API Tokens

General Settings

Select General Settings on the left navigation bar to configure general settings in Chef Automate.

Node Status

Use the Node Status settings to manage and delete missing nodes.

Missing Nodes

Use this setting to configure the amount of time between a node’s last check-in and when it is marked as missing. By default, the period of time is set to 24 hours.

Delete Missing Nodes

Use this setting to configure the amount of time between marking a node as “missing” and its removal from Chef Automate. By default, the period of time is set to 30 days.

General Settings Node Status