Get Started with
Chef Automate

Chef Automate delivers compelling software experiences by providing a unified view of everything you, and your team, automate.

Change How You Automate Everything in the Stack

Maintain Operational Visibility

Dig into the causes of compliance failures or configuration errors across your entire fleet, or filtered by the systems that matter most. Use Chef Automate’s trend graphs, rich query language and other sophisticated interfaces to quickly sift through the noise and prioritize solutions.

Detect and Respond in Real-Time

Get a real-time view of all changes happening in your environment, whether user- or machine-initiated. See how configuration and compliance policy changes impact each other over time. Get notified immediately by chat or webhook of any failures.

Quickly Audit Configuration & Compliance History

Examine past failures and trends to identify areas for targeted process improvement. Use reports to satisfy auditors’ questions about current and historical compliance.

Scan More than Just Servers

Use Automate’s built-in InSpec-based scanner to scan both individual machines and cloud APIs for policy conformance without installing any agents. Use one of Automate’s 90+ built-in compliance baselines to get started quickly with evaluating and correcting your fleet’s security posture.

Integrate with Chef’s Open Source Projects

Automate is powered by Chef’s three open-source engines: Chef for infrastructure automation, Habitat for application automation, and InSpec for compliance and security automation. You can integrate Automate with any or all of these open-source tools to consolidate their data for actionable insights.